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Established 10+ years ago, Fulfillment Center Services (FCSUS) is a logistics management organization helping businesses to transform in the new era of e-commerce. Our professional team is committed to meeting the most complex requirements of our customers. We bring industry knowledge, advanced systems, technology to implement the most advanced logistics solutions. No matter your business, we have got top-notch transportation and distribution in place to help meet your goals.

With millions of shipments fulfilled, you can rely on us to deliver your product in the right quantity to the right customer at the right time. Alongside our highly skilled personnel, we believe our track record and amassed relationships from our growing network of thousands of vendors. Our diverse range of services includes integrated warehousing, distribution, 3rd party procurement, in-plant logistics, returns management , and value-added services.

With our multi-channel fulfillment option, we can take care of your inventory and orders from your website or other third-party sites. Sellers located across the world are integrated into our systems to sell products through their sites with maximum visibility, flexibility and control over the global market.

Numbers that speak for themselves
Millions of orders fulfilled
500+ Brands
10+ Years
eCommerce Fulfillment Made Simple

Shipping goods across the globe is a daunting task. Customers expect fast, accurate and reliable order fulfillment, no matter the part of the world they are in. Many complexities are involved in this process, with each destination or carriers having their own prices, policies, and delivery times.

At FCSUS, we manage and optimize your fulfillment , creating a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Services you can trust
We make sure that every order your customer places is accurately dispatched and delivered on time.
Reliable for life
We strive to be reliable in all aspects of our business. We fulfill our commitments and operate to the highest of ethical standards.
Process Excellence
Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our success – we get every detail right.

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